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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  June 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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"global l.a. saving -- >> saving syria's people, the u.n. launches an appeal. jazeera from doja. mobile phones and now the internet, the u.s. president defends the program that spies on foreigners. the cost of the flood damage in germany, the prime minister horne's to prepare for the worst. scientists and uruguay have
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created genetically modified animals that grow in the dark. it is on a scale that has never been seen before, asking the members to give $3.9 billion in new emergency funding for people affected by the syrian conflict. some is meant for humanitarian needs, $2.9 billion are for refugees in neighboring countries. altogether, it is more than $5 billion. -- diplomatic >> the amount of money they are
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asking for is staggering. that is so much more, it will be a hard task. >> the world does feel for the people of syria. there is no doubt this is a lot of money. is it time to get tough? so, it is timek to make people understand. this is not a matter of generosity, humanitarian aid is
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extremely important. >> would you except that over the last two years, the un's response on the humanitarian crisis has been behind the curve? you keep coming up with predictions on refugees. you predicted 1.1 million refugees by july and by now it is 1.6 million. your predictions don't seem to ever keep up with the situation. >> when we are doing these estimates, it is never a precise science. the situation on the ground is getting worse day-by-day. that nobodyething predicted. million, but $1.1 -- in january,e
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there were 5000. 8000 a day.out this escalation has forced us to really make a huge effort to be able to respond. >> one of the main reasons why this conflict goes on and you keep having to come up with plans to deal with this humanitarian catastrophe. >> of the international community has lost a lot. it will act in order to make sure it has. people andalk to countries in the european
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countries and the united states, they always say the same thing. i think the credibility of the united nations is on the line. the point is that the united nations is made up of 193 member states. 193 member states, and crucially, we need the 15 countries on the council, and particularly, others to come together and really work together to find a solution. >> you can hear the frustration in their voices, they are doing all they can to deal with the devastating effects of syria. is toly plan on the table bring both sides face-to-face here in geneva.
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the opposition remains divided. >> be sectarian divisions mirror those on the 50-years of civil war and have never completely healed. it is places like tripoli at no. 11 on where those lines are more visible. lebanonand northern where those lines are more visible. >> the lebanese army decided to take action. these neighbors share the same thing, door-to-door. impact of what they
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have sent to one another at close range. the city has been boiling with sectarian patients, but there is involvement of hezbollah. >> the army is allowed act only sunnis, but the alawites, it has been hijacked. >> the anger resonates among the average of the streak that clash with the army.
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some fighters have even ignored the sectarian issue and put themselves to service with anyone who wants them. >> three people were killed at a college in california, a man opened fire on a house and shot the driver of a nearby car. he drove to santa monica where he continued shooting before being killed by police. >> the suspect has yet to be identified but described as being male, white, 25-30, wearing black clothing and appears to be a ballistic vest.
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we have a subject of interested in con howe -- in custody to connect that subject to evidence found on the scene. we are not convinced that the suspect who was killed operated in a solo or loan capacity. defending the surveillance practices of his administration, the spy agencies are able to see what you're doing on line no matter where you are. >> in the u.s. government can likely see it. i think it is all there for the electronics spies to see. here is how. and expose u.s. government program described in these classified briefings says .lectronic communications
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it means the data goes through the u.s.. working with the government, the timeline of when they joined. it was microsoft, yahoo, google, ,acebook, skype, aol, apple and more. governmentllowed direct assets -- and by allowing government to direct access. barack obama says that is why no one in the u.s. should worry about the program. >> this does not apply to u.s. citizens and it does not apply to people living in the united states. is congress fully theysed of this,
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authorized it. >> the government accountability project skulls that nothing more than a rubber stamp for the administration. >> they secretly go to a secret court and they collect information and secret and it turns out in an ongoing daily basis. mailf i send this e- overseas, it is likely the government can read it. keeping those is records. they're not recording this conversation, he calls it a minor encroachment. have 100% security -- you cannot have 100% security at 100% privacy with no inconvenience. >> to the americans will have to decide if it was the right decision.
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>> spying and hacking are likely to be at the top of the agenda when the u.s. and chinese president set down for talks. reports from california where the talks are being held. as president obama prepared to confront the chinese president over the widespread cyber attacks, a british newspaper reported obama himself had ordered top officials to create a list of potential targets abroad for the u.s. cyber warfare. cyber offenses can be used to a advance u.s. national objectives with effects ranging from subtle to severely damaging. the power grid could be economically devastating and lead the widespread death.
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the document referred to possible fiber operations within the united states itself and knows that any such actions must be approved by the president in advance. the report is likely to create a sticky moments. >> officials have complained against relentless cyber spying that has penetrated the pentagon's weapons systems. she can retort that obama as concerns our hypocritical. concerns are hypocritical. deploy a highly sophisticated digital weapon against iran. it infected iranian computers that control centrifuges making
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enriched nuclear fuel. the attack caused machinery to break out and set back the iranian nuclear program. an inch --ber of operations should conform to international law. but the existence of the directive is a major step at turning the internet itself into a weapon of war. >> wrapping up the show a week before the presidential election before the televised debate. >> will the glitz and glamour hobby worth it? a reminder of the top stories.
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it is on top of its earlier this year. hisck obama has defended administration's saying it struck the right balance between security and privacy. large areas of central europe could be higher than the $15 billion from one -- 2002 for record floods.
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the hungarian capital covered parts of southern germany. to threaten german towns and cities. germany and how farmers have been hit. the waters of the river 15 kilometers away from where it normally flows. they are also delivering whatever is needed. across his underwater wheat crop, the help comes too late. livelihoodtens the because the last harvest were very bad.
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>> people dealing with the consequences of an uninvited guest that came into their front doors, windows, and as want their gardens. the hope is that the levels will go down in a couple of weeks but people are still afraid. they think it might add to the damage in the coming days. firefighters say the people are good helping themselves in times of trouble. he but this is different. with the crops wiped away, the farmers shea -- say insurance won't cover us. they can make their living off a land again whenever it reappears. >> the deadliest of the attacks
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have been travelling near baghdad. a police checkpoint was also hit. there has been a spike in sectarian violence with 2000 people killed since april. >> there are foreign country behind this, and they have to interfere to protect the components of a society. >> the retaliated with smoke grenades and water cannons. they have had regular violent demonstrations across turkey that started with a plan to redevelop a park in istanbul. the force against the protesters. protests are no
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different than demonstrations seen in the u.s. and europe. teach ustrying to lessons, were they when it was unfolding. it happened in the u.k., france, and greece. these happened in these countries that they are all members. >> iranians will decide who succeeds the president in one week and they will be choosing between eight candidates. the hopefuls have been debating the nuclear negotiations with the west and human rights. >> the third and final presidential debate. they are used to talk of the foreign and domestic policy plan. and the past.
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they have the emerged as a leading conservative candidate. they accused them of doing the same. >> it shows that when you're going to catch up. >> they have called the debate to go, but they are starting to pay attention. >> the television debates, they do not know if they are having any kind of affect.
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>> it can have a great impact on waters. >> i have made up my mind. to do the same. >> regarding the former jailed president, the justice minister said he would not be freed on humanitarian grounds. he was in prison for corruption and human rights abuses committed during his term in office. of rape andted murder has been buried alive in the grave of his alleged victim. police say the body of the 35- year-old.
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they will recognize and capture the community members. >> able to identify the perpetrator. last night, they proceeded on line. >> accused of holding three women hostage for more than a decade has been a been -- indicted. the women kidnapping in ohio. facing 139 counts of rape, 177 counts of kidnapping, and one count of aggravated murder for causing the termination of one woman's pregnancy. the lawyer said he will plead not guilty. when your the world's biggest retailer, you could afford to put on a show at the annual meeting. they have been entertaining shareholders. but left and glamour was accompanied by protesters
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outside. >> it was more like an award show that a shareholders' meeting. the surprise toast with a star of wolverine. ♪ kelly clarkson and john legend a man of the stage. then, for more hollywood firepower came tom cruise. the world's largest private employer. the culture is like no other. very pleased to be here and i truly admire your company. createspired by what you every day.
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itdespite the celebrities, was also a form for conflict. hundreds of visiting protesters. thatthink about the fact our ceo made over $20 million last year, more than 1000 times the average of walmart associates. with all the respect, i have to say i don't think that is right. >> they all have their say, but when it comes to making major decisions, it is always a foregone conclusion. the walton family still controls the company. greaterts calling for employee safety after a collapse killed 1100 people were likely heard. thehis production was in building without their knowledge.
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these only prove that the supply chain is out of control. faces little risk of shareholder rebellion to force the hand. >> it seems a flock of sheep are outstanding in their own field. the genetically modified animals go in the dark and have captured the imagination of scientists for their potential to shed light on future medical advances. >> they look the same, sound the same, and they eat the same. dark isark is -- in the where they show their true colors, fluorescent sheep. the pastoration with
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institute, the gel extracted from going jellyfish was implanted into the female sheep dna. their offspring are believed to be a world first. a greencorporated fluorescent protein to be able to validate the technique works. we know that any other protein we incorporate will have the same success. >> of the point of the exercises more than just making cheap: the dark. it is to make a major contribution to society. was as a wholeue array of problems from diabetes to hemophilia, growth hormones, and all of this at a lower cost than traditional medicine. this particular technique used in other types of animals was not available in latin america.
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>> these are modern and complex technologies that we wanted to make available in latin america so that pharmaceutical companies can develop their projects in our region. the attention. it is a small country that thinks big. the white by day and green by night chief don't have any idea what the fuss is about.
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